Stephen Gill (b. 1971, Bristol, UK) became interested in photography in his early childhood, thanks to his father and interest in insects and initial obsession with collecting bits of pond life to inspect under his microscope.


Stephen’s photographs are held in various private and public collections and have also been exhibited at many international galleries and museums including London’s National Portrait Gallery, The Victoria and Albert Museum, The Museum of London, Agnes B, Victoria Miro Gallery, Christophe Guye Gallery, Sprengel Museum, Tate, Centre National de l’audiovisual, Galerie Zur Stockeregg, Archive of Modern Conflict, Gun Gallery, The Photographers’ Gallery, Palais des Beaux Arts, Leighton House Museum, Haus Der Kunst and has had solo shows in festivals including – Recontres d’Arles, The Toronto photography festival and PHotoEspaña.



Selected Solo exhibitions

2016. Fatigue Laboratory  – Christophe Guye Gallery, Nov 4th – Jan 28th

2016. Myeyefellout – The Photographers’ Gallery, London 18th March – 8th May

2015. Talking to Ants – Dillon Gallery,  New York until Sep 30th

2015. Buried flowers coexist with disappointed ants, Christophe Guye May 7 – June 27

2015. London Chronicles, Pôle Image, Rouen – May 21 to August 1

2015. Best Before End – GP Gallery, Tokyo  – April 3 to May 6

2014. Series Photographs – Galeri Image, Aarhus Denmark, Sep – Oct

2014. Talking to Ants – Shoot Gallery,  Oslo Feb 20 –  May 3

2013. Best Before End – Foam Fotografie Museum, Amsterdam 16 May – 15 July

2012. Coexistence – CNA, Luxembourg 28 Sep – 25 Aug 2013

2011. Outside In – GP Gallery, Tokyo 26 Mar – 22 May

2011. Outside In – Gungallery, Stockholm 17 Mar – 20 Apr

2010. Coming up for Air – GP Gallery, Tokyo Japan 20 Aug – 26 Sep

2009. Hackney Flowers – G/P Gallery, Tokyo

2008. A Series of Disappointments – Gungallery, Stockholm

2007. Anonymous Origami and Buried – Leighton House Museum

2006. Toronto Photography Festival, Canada

2005. Invisible and Lost – PHotoEspaña, Real Jardín Botánico

2005. Stephen Gill Photographs – The Architectural Association, London

2004. Field Studies – The State Centre of Architecture, Moscow

2004. Recontres d’Arles Photography festival.

2003. Hackney Wick – The Photographers’ Gallery, London

Selected Group Exhibitions

2016. Hackney Flowers  Goa Photography Festival, Panjim, Goa, Nov – Dec

2016. Festival de l’image possible, Liège, Belgium Aug 20th – Oct 16th

2016. Images festival, Vevey, Switzerland, September 10th – October 2nd

2016. Water, Pondy Photo, Pondicherry, India, Aug 27th – September 11th

2016. “The State I am in” Internationale Photoszene Köln, September 16

2015. Beneath the Surface, Somerset House from V&A collection, May 21- August 24

2015. Hackney Flowers, Fotografia Europea Earth Effect, May 15 – July 26

2015. The Return to Reason, Wendi Norris, San Francisco Jan 15th

2014. Urban Spirit – Chistophe Guye Gallery, Zurich

2013. Thresholds, Belfast Exposed, March

2012. Residual Traces, Photofusion, July

2012. Juxtaposition – See Studio, Hackney Wick, August

2012. Retrospex – Elevator Gallery, Hackney Wick, July

2012. Et Cetera – Hoxton Art Gallery, April / May

2012. No Exit – Off Ground – Helsinki Photography Biennial, March / April

2011. Photography Calling ! –  Sprengel Museum, Hannover, 9 October

2010. Outside In / Strange & Familier, Brighton Museum & Art Gallery, 2 Oct

2010. London Calling – James Hyman Gallery 25 February – 1 May

2009. Sound Escapes – Space, Hackney London, 25 July – 15 August

2009. After Color – Bose Pacia, New York, July 8 – August 21

2008. Borderspaces – Schwartz Gallery, Hackney Wick

2008. What You See Is What You Get, CNA – Luxembourg

2008. Anonymous Origami and Disappointments – St. Ann’s Warehouse, New York

2008. Haus Der Kunst, Munich – Parrworld

2008. European Eyes on Japan – Kagoshima Museum of Art

2007. ‘Says the Junk in the Yard’ – Flowers East

2007. Something That I’ll Never Really See – The V &A, London

2006. Click, Double Click – Haus Der Kunst, Munich

2005. Photography 2005 – Victoria Miro Gallery, London

Site specific

2007. Hackney Flowers, Street Exhibition, East London

2004. Billboards on Billboards Street exhibition, London.

2003. Cashpoint machines, London.

2001. An Edible exhibition, photographs on cakes with food dyes, East London.


2014. Pigeons

2014. Hackney Kisses

2014. Best Before End

2014. Talking to Ants

2013. Not in Service

2012. Coexistence

2011. Off Ground

2010. B Sides

2010. Outside In

2010. Coming up for Air

2010. Birds

2009. 44 photographs, Trinidad

2009.  The Hackney Rag

2008. Warming Down

2008. A Series of Disappointments

2007. Anonymous Origami

2007. Hackney Flowers

2007. Archaeology in Reverse

2006. Buried

2005. Hackney Wick

2005. Invisible

2004. Field Studies

Books Edited by Stephen Gill

2011. Lets sit down before we go – Bertien Van Manen

2008. Andrei Tarkovsky Bright, bright day

2006. Unseen uk, Photographs by postmen and women

Selected Reviews / Interviews

2014. Bristol Photography Book Festival interview

2013. Best Before End – Exhibition Review – ASX

2013. Coexistence – Lightbox

2013. Best Before End – Walk through

2013. Foam pre Best Before End video interview

2013. Jack Interview with Adrian Burnham

2012. 9-Day Dig – AMC2

2012. The Wonderful World of Stephen Gill – BJP

2012. Outside In – foam Magazine

2012. Interview – Blink Magazine

2012. Unpublished Hackney Flowers – Huge Magazine

2011. The World Inside a Camera – The Morning News

2011. Hackney Calling – Monopol

2011. Self Publishing Done Right – PDN

2010. Stephen Gill’s Best Shot – The Guardian

2010. Shots in the dark, Francis Hodgson – FT Weekend 9th Oct

2010. Coming up for Air review Photoworks – Autumn / Winter

2010. Self publish or be dammed – The Guardian

2010. The Devil in the Detail – The Telegraph Magazine

2010. Creepy Crawlies – The Guardian

2009. The Hackney Podcast, November – Listen

2009. The Wicker Man – The Hackney Citizen, Sarah Birch – read it

2009. Shigeo Goto, The hope of photography

2009. Suwako Fukai – Quotation Magazine

2008. Most Influential in Book publishing – PDN

2008. Angharad Lewis, Lost forever – Grafik

2008. Toyoko Ito, Interview, Studio Voice, Japan

2008. Hackney Flowers – Japan Esquire

2007. Christof Schaden, Invariably Eden – foam Magaine – read

2007. Geoff Dyer – Unseen UK review / Aperture Magazine

2007. Times Photography Book of the year – read

2007. Anthony Lasala, Buried – Photo Eye Magazine

2007. Jeong Eun Kim, Fragments of a poem – Iann Magazine

2006. The Queen – on receiving a copy of Hackney Wick – read

2006. Gerry Badger, Hackney Wick – Ag Magazine

2006. MH, Hackney Wick – Foto8 Magazine – read

2006. Iain Sinclair, Lost Treasure – The Guardian Weekend – read

2005. Sophie Malexis, Hommes Invisibles – Le Monde 2

2005. Michel Guerrin, Le photographe en anthropolgue de la ville – Le Monde

2005. Invisible – Photonews

2005. Tim Clark, PhotoEspaña – NextLevel Magazine: Issue #8

2005. Now You See Them – The Guardian Weekend – read

2004. A Keen Observer of Life – Creative Review

2004. The Kindness of Strangers – The Guardian Weekend – read

2004. Message au dos – Liberation newspaper

2004. Jane Fletcher, A book of field studies – Source Magazine

2003. Sarah Kent, Hackney Wick – Time Out

2003. Elaine Paterson, Straight out of the ordinary – Metro Newspaper

2003. Paul Wombell, Eye Catching – Design Week

2003. Martin Murray, The Wick – Source Magazine

2003. Jon Ronson, Confessions of a Vino Virgin – The Guardian Weekend – read

2001. Thomas Sutcliffe, Framed – The Independent Magazine

Slide show venues

Southbank Centre, London

Cheltenham Film Studios, UK

Studio Film Club, Trinidad

Camberwell college of arts, London

The Photographers Gallery, London

The Whitechapel Art Gallery, London

The Roundchapel, Hackney London

Royal College of Art, London

Somerset House, London

Novo mesto, Slovenia

Newport School of art, media and design, Wales

The Royal Academy of Arts, London

246 / Tokyo

Southbank Centre, London

Toronto Photography festival

Gun Gallery, Stockholm

St. Ann’s Warehouse, New York

Bath literature festival

Rhubarb-Rhubarb, Birmingham

G/P Gallery, Tokyo


2011. PHotoEspaña Photography Boook Award 2011 has awarded  Nobody   “Outstanding Publishing House of the Year”

2009. A Series of Disappointments, Photo Eye, Best books

2008. Hackney Flowers, Shorlisted in Arles Book Award

2008. Hackney Flowers, Photobook award, Kasseler fotoforum

2008. Anonymous Origami, runner up in Specific Object Award

2008. Anonymous Origami, shortlisted Photo Espania Book award

2008. Hackney Flowers, Photography Book of the year, The Times

2007. Buried, Shorlisted in Arles Book Award

2007. Hackney Wick – Winner of Photo Eye best books

2007. Buried, Photo District News Award, Best Books

2006. Winner of Vic Odden Award

2006. Hackney Wick, Shorlisted in Arles Book Award

2006. Invisible, Photo District News Award, Best Books

2005. Invisible, Shorlisted in Arles Book Award

2004. Field Studies, Photo District News Award, Best Books

2004. Winner of John Kobal Book Award for “A book of Field Studies”

2003. Field Studies, Shorlisted in Arles Book Award

2002. John Kobal 10th Anniversary, National Portrait Gallery

2001. John Kobal Portrait Award

1997. World Press Master Class, The Netherlands

1996. John Kobal Portrait Award

1996. Ernst Haas Golden Light Award, USA

1986. Kodak Pet Portrait Award


“Stephen Gill has learnt this: to haunt the places that haunt him. His photo-accumulations demonstrate a tender vision factored out of experience; alert, watchful, not overeager, wary of that mendacious conceit, ‘closure’. There is always flow, momentum, the sense of a man passing through a place that delights him. A sense of stepping down, immediate engagement, politic exchange. Then he remounts the bicycle and away. Loving retrievals, like a letter to a friend, never possession… What I like about Stephen Gill is that he has learnt to give us only as much as we need, the bones of the bones of the bones…”

Iain Sinclair